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Class of 2022 First Day of School

September 6, 2018


On September 4th, freshmen students entered their high school for the first time. Hatboro-Horsham’s Link Crew program helped students ease the transition from middle school to high school. The program is designed for a Link Crew leader who gets paired with a group of freshmen for the entire school year. This is the  fifth year Link Crew has helped freshmen at Hatboro-Horsham. Jim Shields and Vanessa DeLuca started the program and are pleased with the progress it has made over the past five years.

Most students in the high school have gone through their freshmen year with a Link Crew leader. The feedback the students provide helps Link Crew improve their program. Juniors and seniors who now lead the program, look back at their freshmen year and remember how helpful it was to have someone there. Link Crew leaders do not disappear after the first week of school. Once a month Link Crew leaders get together with their group of freshmen to check on them. Fun activities are planned throughout the year to show freshmen the true high school experience.

Almost about 400 new students walked down the halls of Hatboro-Horsham High School on September 4th.

If you are ever interested in joining Link Crew for the upcoming years you can contact Jim Shields or Vanessa Deluca about the application process.


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