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Former Paralympian Inspires Students

October 3rd, 2018


A motivational and educational speaker is using his story to inspire school students to believe in themselves. Lloyd Bacharach, a former Paralympian, is using his program “Yes We Can”, to show students that a disability can’t stop you from reaching your dreams.

Bacharach was born with congenital bone deficiency, which left his legs short. He never let his physical challenges stop him from achieving his dreams of participating in sports. Bacharach was quite an athlete growing up. He got involved with swimming to help build his upper body strength, along with also playing baseball.

Bacharach may have not been as tall as everyone around him but, he found different ways to do everyday activities. By building muscle in his upper body, Bacharach became stronger  and turned to the sport of gymnastics in high school. By his senior year, Bacharach became one of the best gymnast in his state by finishing 5th on the pommel horse.

Bacharach also played sitting volleyball at the Paralympic games.

Pennypack elementary school was able to hear Bacharach’s story which went along with their school theme, “Power of one”.  The meaning behind “Power of One”  focuses on how one interaction, one dollar, or one person can make a difference.

Along with showing some of his gymnastic moves, Bacharach helped students understand what a disability is by explaining how people are still the same no matter what obstacles they are born with.

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