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HHEF Grant Money Provides New Lite Monitors for Coding Students

October 5th, 2018


Hatboro-Horsham Education Foundation (HHEF) can provide grant money to teachers who request and present a proposal. Once approved, HHEF and its partners help provide money for the request.

A grant that was recently given was to Hatboro-Horsham High School Computer Science Teacher, Bill Yuengel.

Yuengel requested for two lite touch monitors for his coding students. The 75 inch monitors provide the necessary size to help students see the codes being displayed. The monitors also allow you to touch and write on them.

Stephanie Yoder, HHEF Executive Director, partnered with Verizon to help make this a reality. Frank Buzydlowski, Verizon’s Director of State Government Affairs, helped with this process. Verizon has a foundation that gives money to valued and worthy causes. Educational institutions like Hatboro-Horsham High School were a Verizon’s initiative.

Todd Stephens, State Representative, also helped in the process. Stephens recommended Hatboro-Horsham to Buzydlowski when he came to him asking where the funds should best be served.

Once the monitors were installed, Yoder, Stephens, and Buzydlowski got to see them in used with the students.

HHEF grant

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