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HHEF’s Girls’ STEAM- Beth Allen

October 23rd, 2018


On October 17, Hatboro-Horsham Education Foundation (HHEF) invited in Beth Allen, Founder of HIP Chicks, to speak to high school students about her career in the STEAM field.

Beth Allen is a DIY contractor and TV personality. She is not only an expert in her field but also an HH mom. All three of her sons attended or are enrolled in the Hatboro-Horsham school district.

Allen went to college to be a nurse, and after nine years of working in a hospital, she decided to call it quits and raise a family. Once her kids started school, she had the house to herself.  At that time, she decided to learn the ins and outs of home repair.

That was when the idea of HIP Chicks came to life. HIP chicks stands for, Home Improvement Project Chicks. She wanted to create a resource for homeowners especially women and how they can do home projects by themselves.

Allen has appeared over 80 times on television. After being denied twice as a guest on the Rachael Ray show, Allen convinced Ray’s producers that her DIY skills targeted the same audience as Ray’s show. Rachael Ray finally gave the nod to Allen who got her wish and appeared on the Rachel Ray show.

Allen said, “For me to be able to get in front of  a bunch of young women and inspire them to think outside the box of what their future could be, just means the world to me.”

Allen’s target audience is mainly homeowners, but she wants to expand her brand to teenage girls and young adult females. To do that, Allen is connecting to her young audience by showing them ways to make their privates spaces like a dorm room, more inviting.

For the future of HIP Chicks, it is still being written


Allen also offers classes to the community focusing on saving homeowners money, stress and time.

For more information about Beth Allen and her classes click here.





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