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Keith Valley Veterans Day Breakfast

November 12, 2018


Keith Valley middle school honored their local community veterans with a homemade breakfast on November 9th. Keith Valley has been hosting this breakfast for fourteen years now. The idea of starting a veterans day breakfast was initiated by retired Keith Valley assistant principal Robert “Bing” Crosby, who was also a veteran. The tradition continues to live on at Keith Valley.

Students participated in the event by helping with the opening ceremony, serving breakfast, and making thank you cards for the tables.

Over 300 community members attended the event. Students could also attend the breakfast if their family members were active duty or served in the armed forces.

Ben Warner, a marine veteran, brought in trustee Leatherneck II for an appearance at the event saluting to everyone, for a treat of course.


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Todd Stephens, PA State Representative, and Tom Murt, PA State Representative/army veteran also attended the breakfast.

Both Stephens and Murt always make room on their calendar for this important event.

Murt said, “I’ve been coming to the Keith Valley Veterans Day breakfast for eleven years now, and this is really the premiere veterans event in our area. It is an event 100% sponsored by the school community here at Keith Valley and the Hatboro-Horsham school district. It’s a great opportunity to honor our veterans.”

The goal of the event is to allow students to see the sacrifices that were made for our country and to give back by helping with the event.

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