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Keith Valley Student’s Fly Drones

November 26th, 2018
Keith Valley middle school has a new course to offer students. The course is called Coding and Design which was created to introduce students to new and innovative technology.
The project students were given for two class periods was to make and fly a drone. With the help of the Hatboro-Horsham Education Foundation (HHEF) Val Fasy, Keith Valley Technology education teacher, was able to get a basic drone for students.
The drones may be small, but the lessons they teach students are huge. Students learn how to build the drones and make them fly literally through hoops as part of their assignment. Students can even fly them inside if the weather isn’t cooperating.
Fasy said, “Many of the students already worked with drones, they have already flown drones that they have purchased, and now this gives them the background knowledge of how the drone works.”
The project was a team effort. The class was broken into small groups to assemble the drone, and to be able to fly it.
“Students were very excited about using new technology and they worked really well as a team to put them together. They really took their time, they had to work with very small pieces and they worked well as a team to do so.” Fasy stated.
The class also focuses on coding, 3D design, video design, robotics, drones and more.


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