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Covey Bowl

November 27, 2018


The day before Thanksgiving is a day for prepping for the big game or getting the kitchen ready but for some Crooked Billet / Hallowell students, it means rolling out of bed early.

Crooked Billet- Hallowell- Learning Community (CB-H-LC) held its annual covey bowl. The covey bowl is a football game held the day before Thanksgiving for CB-H-LC students. Eric Glemser, CB-H-LC Health, and Physical Education Teacher started the covey bowl eight years ago for students. With the help of Tami Eldridge and Nicole Maletto.

The covey bowl is a build-up of the students morning fall workout sessions. One to two times a week students wake up early and head to the high school’s football field to participate in getting in a good workout before school.

Students may not like getting out of bed early but once they get to the field they are all smiles to be with their friends and get in a workout. Their motto is “we do more before 8 o’clock than most people do in a full day”.

Grades third-fifth are allowed to attend the workouts. About 100 students this year are signed up for the morning workout sessions.



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