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National Art Honor Society 2019

January 15th, 2019


Hatboro-Horsham High School held it’s yearly National Art Honor Society Induction for their nine newest members on January 10th. National Art Honor Society also known as NAHS is a program for high schoolers who have a passion for art while also helping the community in artist philanthropic ways.  NAHS is sponsored through the national art education society.

To get into the society students at Hatboro-Horsham must take art major 1 and get a grade of an A. If you get a 95% or higher and take one other art elective you automatically get invited into the program.

Lauren Weisberg, the NAHS advisor, believes many of the students in NAHS will pursue careers in art such as animated, illustration, architect, graphic design, art education and many more.

Once students are inducted into the program a certain amount of community service hours must be completed. Community service projects range from painting murals in the schools to teaching elementary school students about art.

NAHS is more than just a program its a home away from home for students.


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