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Pennypack Acceptance Day 2019

January 22nd, 2019


Pennypack Elementary school held its annual Acceptance Day on January 18th. Acceptance day is a yearly event within the district for all elementary schools. Acceptance Day is a day for learning social acceptance of different cultures and anyone who can be different than you. This year’s Acceptance Day theme focused on “Abilities Awareness”.

Focusing on disabilities the school had several different stations students attended that simulated what it was like to have a disability. Some of the stations included muscular mobility constraints, sensory sensitivities, dyslexia, and hearing/ visual impairments.

Hatboro-Horsham High School also plays a big role in the day. Pennypack welcomed in the High School Link Crew and Special Education Teachers to facilitate the Parson’s Project.

The Parson’s Project was started by Bonnie Parsons from Newtown Elementary School in the Council Rock School District. Parsons is a Multiple Disabilities Teacher and a dedicated advocate for her students. In order to raise awareness of the obstacles her students face, she created a simulation for students in the general population to experience. This project has expanded to multiple schools and districts just like our own.

Station activities had areas with a wheelchair obstacle course, walker kickball, trying to put on a shirt with one hand, cutting out shapes with glasses, along with many others.

Hatboro-Horsham Link Crew also presented an assembly to Pennypack Elementary at the end of the day to reflect on the morning activities and stress the importance to create a community of appreciation and understanding.

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