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Simmons 4th Graders Visit Eastern

February 13th, 2019

Simmons Elementary fourth-grade students took a field trip to Eastern Center for Arts and Technology on February 7th. The purpose of the field trip was to show students what careers are offered at Eastern and that they have the option to attend Eastern once they reach 11th grade.

Current Eastern students gave tours to the fourth-grade students while each career specialty had a demo activity that the students could do. Some of the careers the students saw were: Automotive technology, construction technology, cosmetology, culinary arts, protective services, and veterinary sciences.

Eastern offers many career choices when deciding to attend the school. The way the program works is students attend high school for the morning and then in the afternoon attend Eastern. Student get to do hands-on work within the field of their choice.  Eastern students also have to take Theory classes, which is their book work for math and science revolving around the student’s career choice.

For more information on Eastern, you can head to their website.







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