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Dude Be Nice 2019

February 27th, 2019


Hatboro-Horsham High School held its annual “Dude Be Nice” week which is a platform to inspire young people to build a positive community and is a time where we change the routines of our lives and focus on devoting ourselves to spreading ‘niceness’ in our schools and communities. At the end of “Dude be Nice” week a special staff member is recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty in a fun and creative way in an assembly.  

“Dude Be Nice is a movement that started in California and has spread throughout the country in many schools. It’s a week-long event just trying to get people to just be nice” Jim Sheilds, Link Crew Advisor stated.

This the 4th year HH planned their annual Dude Be Nice week. Link crew members are in charge of the project and about two months of planning went into this week-long event.

Kindness was spread throughout the high school while Link Crew students handed out grab and go morning breakfasts to staff, along with the Link Crew classroom being transformed into a spa for staff members. Professional masseuses gave 10-minute shoulder massages to staff members, with relaxing spa music and infused water.

Staff aren’t the only people who get kindness though, the student body also gets waves positive energy. Posters are hung throughout the halls with inspirational messages and a pack of gum with a positive message was handed out to every student.

This years staff member that was awarded the honor of the “Dude Be Nice” award was Mrs. Krier, an AP Social Studies teacher. Link Crew members surprised Mrs. Krier with the award during a question game ending the final question with, “Who do you think this year’s Dude Be Nice winner is?” Then announcing Mrs. Krier was the winner with all her family members hidden backstage cheering her on.

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