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Blair Mill Wellness Night 2019


March 22nd, 2019

Blair Mill Elementary School held its second annual family wellness night on March 21st. Students and families filled the halls of Blair Mill trying to attend at least six out of twenty-eight stations. Some of the stations were: CrossFit, cheerleading, rock wall climbing, mindfulness, making stress balls, food vendors, healthy eating habits and many more.

To kick off wellness night this year event planners, Lauren Pace and Jamie Bailkin, sent students home with wellness trackers. The goal is for the students to track what kind of healthy habits they have vs non-healthy. After seeing their results the student’s goal is to try and make small changes to better their health.

“Teaching them these habits at a young age, you can’t put a price tag on that cause its something that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.” Lauren Pace stated.

Family members were also invited in on the fun so that they could also learn some healthy new habits.

“Wellness starts at home and the parents are the best role models…therefore they can teach their children and can work together. While also having a person at home to motive you.” Jamie Bailkin stated.

When the night came to an end students could enter their name in for some raffle prizes after attending six stations. Raffles prizes were an iTunes gift card and a brand new bike!

As a thank-you to everyone that came students got to run a mile in the dark with some glow sticks around the track.  Lauren and Jamie run a weekly mile with their second-grade students and decided to run a mile as the final station for the night.

To follow up with the wellness night Blair Mill will be having their 5K in June and encourage students and parents to sign up.






Blair Mill


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