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Choreography Connected

April 10th, 2019


Hatboro-Horsham Junior student, Lucas Loshiavo wanted to connect people in a new way. Lucas launched Choreography Connected, a program that invites students of all abilities to join together and learn an easy-to-learn dance.

Lucas created Choreography Connected as a way to bring together students of special education with the rest of the student body. He wanted to connect students through more than just words though, so he decided dancing was the best way. It was a personal mission for Lucas who came up with the idea for Choreography Connected after seeing a life skills student being treated poorly by a group of teens.

With the support of his family, school, and two friends who choreographed the dance, the event was put into motion. Lucas spent the last month getting ready for the event on April 5th. Lucas states, “I am, by no means a student of dance, but I do know about the art it has and the ability to break down barriers and stereotypes and connect all people.”

Lucas also hopes Choreography Connected will happen in all schools across the country. Choreography Connected is off to a great start. Lucas hopes to host another event later May.


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