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One School One Book Suprise

April 10th, 2019


Simmons Elementary Assistant Principal, Elisha Gee, brought a new initiative into Simmons Elementary when she was hired two years ago. “One School One Book” is where a child gets a free book to take home and read for the whole month of March. One School One Book is kicked off on Read Across America Day and as a whole school, Simmons reads the book everyday and finishes it by the end of the month.

This year the book was, “The World According to Humphrey”. Elisha said they try to pick a book that represents the values at Simmons and it encourages literacy. Thanks to Simmons Home and School Association every child gets their book for free to take home and read along with their family as well.  All month Simmons had activities, prizes, and raffles that went along with their book.

When the month ended and April hit Simmons students were in for a surprise. To celebrate finishing their book Elisha decided to bring in inflatable giant hamster balls to race other staff members in. Students knew a race of some sort was happening but didn’t know the details until they stepped outside. “The main character of the book is a hamster which is why we ended up with inflatable hamster balls,” Elisha stated.

Elisha and several other staff members raced down their field in their hamster balls as students were cheering them on.

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