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Passport to Health 2019

April 10th, 2019


Hatboro-Horsham High School held its second annual “Passport to Health” wellness event on April 4th. The Hatboro-Horsham Wellness committee invited in local community members to have a booth and showcase their wellness knowledge. Staff and students were invited into the gym during the high school’s HAT’s period to explore new food, facts, and tips for being more healthy.

Christine Welsh, Director of Human Resources for HHSD, was in charge of the event and wanted to make sure the day hit all pinpoints of health. Mental health is a big one that students sometimes skip over so it was made sure that several booths focused on mental health and resources. A big hit of the day was food, a vegan bistro in Hatboro called “LUHV Vegan Bistro” was in attendance.  Silvia Lucci, founder of LUHV food was handing out black bean plantain poblano burgers. Students were very impressed with the choices of food that were vegan along with vegan chicken nuggets from Morning Stars Farms. Over 40 vendors were there, including former Flyers Hockey player, Brian Propp. Other booths included a drunk googles walk, a chiropractor, and vaping information and much more.

The goal of the fair is to bring it into the community so families can also attend. Christine hopes to double the number of vendors next year.



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