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HHEF Presents Javier Ávila “The Trouble with my Name”


October 11th, 2019

On October 10th, Hatboro-Horsham Educational Foundation sponsored Professor Javier Ávila who spoke to Keith Valley Middle School students and the community.

Ávila shared his personal stories and poetry to shed light on the Latino American experience.

This isn’t the first time Ávila came to Hatboro-Horsham. Ávila came last year to speak to Hatboro-Horsham School District staff as apart of an in-service day. His message was so powerful that the staff wanted to spread his message to students and the community.

Ávila presented his one-man act to Keith Valley Middle School students during the day and the community in the evening.

Ávila always wanted to share his stories with others. When he was named Pennsylvania’s Professor of the Year, Ávila used that platform to share his story.  Ávila added “Instead of just talking about teaching, I want to talk about this [his story] which is close to my heart and it’s about valuing everyone, it’s not just about diversity but inclusion. So it was the right time to do it.”

Ávila stated that he is not acting during this presentation. It’s him telling his story and honoring his family. Props are also included during the show, not just for the audience, but for Ávila so he can get into the right emotional state of mind.  On stage, there are pictures of his mother and grandmother, his grandmother’s table, and a few other tokens that made him strong.

Hatboro-Horsham School District has been working on culture proficiency changes within their district.  Ávila’s presentation was a great way to shed light on our differences and to celebrate diversity within our nation.

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