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Hatboro-Horsham Financial Reality Fair 2019

October 31st, 2019


On October 30th, Hatboro-Horsham High School students attended a Financial Reality Fair to learn how to budget their money with a future salary. Students were given a career and got a monthly net pay to pay their bills. Fourteen tables were set up for students to walk around and pick what lifestyle fits best for them. Options available were: housing, cars, insurance, food, furniture, pets, entertainment and more. Once students picked out their monthly bills if they had extra money then they could add in extra bills like the gym, and nail salon. If they didn’t have enough money, or just wanted more income they could even get a part-time job.

Once students picked out their bills they had to total up how much they were spending a month and see how much extra they would have left out of their pay. The fair was eye-opening to students as some realized their career didn’t pay enough for their lifestyle or they might need to find ways to save on bills.

The fair was hosted by TruMark Financial Credit Union and other volunteers throughout the community. Special thanks to Jeannie Hagan, Director of Community Outreach, for planning the day!

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