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HHEF Grant Reception 2019

November 11th, 2019


On November 5th, the Hatboro-Horsham Educational Foundation (HHEF) hosted its annual Innovative Learning Grants Reception. For over twenty-five years HHEF has been awarding grants and helping Hatboro-Horsham School District achieve new ideas for innovation in the classroom.

The grant reception highlights teachers and staff for their innovation grant ideas. Once the grants are read through by the grants committee they make a recommendation to the HHEF Board to select the winning grants. Twenty grants were selected by the board to receive money for their innovative ideas this year.

In addition to Innovative Learning Grants, the HHEF introduced classroom grant awards. A Classroom Grant is intended to help meet any instructional need in the classroom regardless of the subject area. The classroom grant is capped at $300 dollars.

Along with the classroom grant, another new grant was added in called the High-Impact Grant. The grant can go up to $15,000 dollars. It allows teachers to think of a program that can truly make an impact on their students.

Over $100,000 dollars was awarded in grant money for the 2019-2020 school year.

2019-2020 Innovative Learning Grants

  • High-Impact Grant: CAMaster Stinger II SR-34 CNC Router written by Adam Killion; Hatboro-Horsham High School.
  • “Becoming the Best Me I Can Be” with author Julia Cook written by Steve Glaize for all elementary schools.
  • Keith Valley Exploring Science written by Carol Miller, Valerie Fasy, Jamie Ginsberg, Ken Trautwein, Michelle Campellone, Tracy Remaily; Keith Valley Middle School.
  • Virtual Reality Lab written by Derek Fromal, Kristina Ulmber, and Dennis Steinly; Hatboro-Horsham High School.
  • Full Spectrum Laser with Retina Engrave 3D Software written by Nick Pompei; Hatboro-Horsham High School.
  • KV Library 4 C-Able Makerspace written by Lisa Quinn; Keith Valley Middle School.
  • All-Terrain Wheelchairs written by Judy Johnson, and Kelly Wenner; Crooked Billet-Hallowell-Learning Community, and Keith Valley Middle School.
  • The Use of Virtual Reality in the Driver’s Education Classroom written by Justin Hager and Dana Sacony; Hatboro-Horsham High School.
  • Mindfulness Matters written by Ryan Thomas and Dipa Richardson; Blair Mill Elementary School.
  • Synthesize with STREAM written by Karen Roseman and Kaylyn Frame; Simmons Elementary School.
  • Drones in the Classroom written by Valerie Fasy and Carol Miller; Keith Valley Middle School.
  • From the Classroom to the Community: A Schoolwide Service Learning Project written by Ryan Thomas, Rachel Hockfield, and Jennifer Glaize; Blair Mill Elementary School.
  • Engineering Adventures: Creating a Generation of Problem Solvers written by Amy Ambler, Susanna Kiss, Kyle Milbrand and Sarah Becker; Blair Mill Elementary School.
  • Architecture After School written by Brea D’Angelo and Bob Campman; Pennypack Elementary School.
  • Fast Track to English Language Acquisition and Digital Literacy written by Juan Suarez-Romero; Keith Valley Middle School.
  • Pre-Production/ Scripting Software and Gimbal Stabilizer for Film and TV Classes written by Andrew Berchick; Hatboro-Horsham High School.

Classroom Grants:

  • Student-Led Coffee Business written by Amy Ambler; Blair Mill Elementary School.
  • Healthy Eating with Air Fryers written by Priscilla Martin; Keith Valley Middle School
  • Green Screen Studio written Jennifer Lloyd and Theresa Weber; Simmons Elementary School.
  • Integrate Literacy with History and Science written by Maria McGrath; Pennypack Elementary School.



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