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Pennypack Elementary Acceptance Day 2020


January 21st, 2020

Every year, Pennypack Elementary School celebrates Acceptance Day with a focus on diversity and culture. This year’s theme was “What’s on Your Plate?” which allowed students to see how food can play an important role in cultures all around the world.

On January 17th, Pennypack students learned all about the different types of food around the world and not everyone can eat pizza for lunch every day. Several stations were held throughout the day allowing students to sing, craft, and learn an important lesson about poverty.

It was a district effort to put the day together as many staff members came together to help make the stations.

• “Food and Culture” by John Zuk, assistant principal at Hatboro-Horsham High School.

• “Songs About Food” by Mindy Rubinlicht, seventh and eighth-grade chorus/select chorus instructor at Keith Valley Middle School.

• “School Lunches Around the World” by Melissa Spinosa, nutritionist and personal trainer at Johnson and Johnson.

• “What’s On Your Plate?” art activity facilitated by the high school’s Link Crew students.

• “Children’s Homes Around the World” by John Schumann, the second grade teacher at Pennypack Elementary.

• “Poverty Here at Home” by Melissa Pierce, the fifth grade teacher at Pennypack Elementary.

To wrap up the day fifth-graders got to run an assembly to announce they would be running a food drive. “After the holidays is when food pantries need the most help because they are really depleted.” Sarah Carner, Pennypack Guidance Counselor stated. All. Most of the food will be going to Lehman’s Pantry in Hatboro.

food drive

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