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Blair Mill Elementary Acceptance Day 2020

February 3rd, 2020


Blair Mill Elementary held its first Acceptance Day on January 30th teaching students about accepting and celebrating differences in ourselves and others. The idea for the day came from the Hatboro-Horsham School District’s goal around equity.

All of the staff from Blair Mill came together to bring the idea to life. Several stations were held throughout the day that students attended. Some included: mindfulness, making kindness rocks, games that limited students’ abilities and much more.

A week prior Blair Mill held a multi-culture night hosted by their Home and School Association (HSA). The idea was to tie the two events together showing students that everyone including their classmates has differences.

Being at the halfway mark of the school year Blair Mill Elementary wanted students to see and learn to accept each other at Blair Mill. While at the end of the year making the focus larger during their Day of Service that focuses more on the community aspect.


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