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Keith Valley Middle School Welcomes in 6th Graders

November 6th, 2020


On November 5th Keith Valley Middle School sixth graders entered into their first day of hybrid learning. Many eagers students walked into the building for their very first time. Excited to see their classmates and teachers face to face rather than from a screen.

The official start to the school year began on September 8th as fully remote learning due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The rest of Keith Valley Middle School students will be returning on November 10th.

Hatboro-Horsham School District is breaking their students into three cohorts for hybrid learning.

-Cohort A being students A-Le attending on Tuesday and Thursday

-Cohort B being Li-Z attending on Wednesday and Friday

-Cohort C for students in K-5 who are choosing to stay fully virtual, also known as the Hatters Academy

In a year where nothing has been ordinary teachers also had to adjust how to lesson plan and teach. At Keith Valley teachers still want to keep all students included so for the first half of the period they engage their in-person students, then for the second half of the period they engage their virtual students in the other cohort.

Keith Valley will not be doing any sports for the season but they will still be doing extracurricular activities virtually so all students can participate in the fun.


Keith Valley

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