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Hatboro-Horsham Student Resiliency in a Pandemic


March 30th, 2021

Coronavirus, COVID-19, quarantine, are all common words we have heard everyday in the last year. At Hatboro-Horsham High School these words don’t deterred students from still participating in their after-school activities. High school clubs like Mini-THON, Interact, HHTV, and Helping Little Hands are still be able to thrive even in the COVID environment.

Mini-THON is modeled after Penn State’s Dance Marathon. All money raised goes towards helping kids and families fighting pediatric cancer. Hatboro-Horsham Mini-THON has held several virtual fundraising events this year like a cookie decorating contest, small business drive, You’ve Been Charmed, trivia night and much more. The big night will be held on April 24th, but virtually of course. You can still donate to the cause through their donor drive here.

Interact club is a club that volunteers at different organizations, does donation drives, and much more. HH Interact got involved with the Sara’s Smiles Foundation this year in order to do a virtual event. Students were able to donate their time by creating uplifting messages on clouds that go inside a kit that is sent to cancer patients.

HHTV is another club that hasn’t stopped their activities, if anything they have excelled during coronavirus. HHTV is a high school student club where students sign up to be apart of a production crew and broadcast their high school sporting events and other events. With limited amount of people allowed inside sporting events HHTV was critical in broadcasting the games. HHTV has covered over 30 games this year so far.

Helping Little Hands aims to help children and cancer patients in our local community. The club had to get creative in ways to help patients, so one idea they had was rock painting. Something as simple as holding a rock connects patients to the outdoors and also helps alleviate their stress from treatment. Over 50 rocks where painted and donated to the “Most Important Person Foundation” also known as MIP.

The 2020-2021 school year has been nothing but ordinary but Hatboro-Horsham students are staying positive and still pushing through to achieve their club missions.

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