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HHHS Interact Club Brings Smiles to Children


March 30th, 2021

Hatboro-Horsham High School Interact Club is always looking for volunteer opportunities and when one student, Ella Warden was introduced to the Sara’s Smiles Foundation, it was the perfect partnership.

Sara’s Smiles is a organization that brings smiles and positivity to pediatric cancer patients, brightening children’s spirts, and empowering them to live every moment to the fullest. Sara’s Smiles offers Inspiration Kits that are care packages created for families to stay organized, entertained, and encouraged. 

Ella Warden, who is currently a sophomore and the Social Media Manager for the HH Interact club said, “The officers had to get innovative with coming up with new ideas of how we can hold events because of the COVID restrictions set by the school, we weren’t able to gather in large crowds. So we had to do some donations or things that we could do virtually.” Ella was introduced to the Sara’s Smiles Fountain through another cancer organization called the “Most Important Person” or also known as the MIP.

Jen Burke the Founder and President of Sara’s Smiles was thrilled when Ella reached out and suggested the club make inspirational cards to put inside the Inspiration Kits. Interact club created almost about 200 cards and those cards travel to children all over the United States.

The foundation is always looking for people to volunteer and make cards but also suggested getting donations of markers and stickers to put inside the kits are very helpful. Jen stated, “A lot of the items that go into our kits are custom made, but markers are a big item. Cancer patients can’t share any of their items, so we give them their own markers and we also put stickers in. Those are two things that may seem simple but their a really big deal for us.”

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