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Blair Mill Fun Run 2021


October 26th, 2021

 On October 20, Blair Mill Elementary School hosted their Fun Run, held by the Home and School Association (HSA). This is a fundraising event for the school and as a reward, the students spend a portion of their school day outside completing different obstacle courses.

Due to Covid, this is only the second year of the Fun Run obstacle course. The HSA is working to get the students interested in fitness, so the hope is that this event becomes a Blair Mill Elementary tradition.

This year the students were given a huge motivator in their efforts. Dr. Gee, the Blair Mill Principal, agreed to kiss a pig if the school community was able to reach their goal of $5,000! They exceeded this goal and got to see Dr. Gee kiss Pumpkin the Pig.

This day brings the community together to share in laughter and fun. Dr. Gee stated, “I hope that they take away what it feels like to be part of a school community when you all come together around a common goal.”

The donations raised during this Fun Run even go towards, the Spring Fair, school equipment, and fun activities for the students. So far, the Blair Mill community has raised $6,389 with still two days left of this fundraiser. To donate click here!


Blair Mill

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