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HHEF Learning Grants Reception 2021

November 19, 2021


On November 9th, 2021, Hatboro-Horsham Education Foundation (HHEF) hosted its annual Innovative Learning Grants Reception. This event highlights teachers and staff who were awarded grants for their innovative learning ideas.

These innovative learning grants allow teachers to launch a groundbreaking program to advance their school curriculum’s. They may apply for up to $10,000 dollars. The teachers submit their ideas and once the grants are read by the committee, the HHEF Board selects recipients for the school year. This year there were seven innovative learning grants awarded, totaling over $39,000 for the 2021-2022 school year.

Along with Innovative Learning Grants, HHEF also gave eight Classroom Grants. A classroom grant awards teachers at every school for any instructional needs in their classrooms. The amount for classroom grants was increased this year to $1,000 to recognize the challenges the teachers have faced and to celebrate their hard work over this past year and a half.

This reception allows HHEF to celebrate the recipients and their hard work.

2021-22 Grant Awards for Educators

2021-22 Innovative Learning Grants

Innovative Learning Grants enable teachers to apply for up to $10,000 to launch a groundbreaking program with the potential to advance the school curriculum.

-Back Off Bacteria – Crooked Billet Elementary
All second- grade students at Crooked Billet Elementary School will use Bacteria Science Kits and composition notebooks to explore and document bacteria growth found on items located around their school and classroom.
Grant Author: Sharon Mirabelli, 

-Drones (Delivery) in the Classroom – Keith Valley Middle School
Accessories will be added to the Drones in the Classroom project which will allow students at Keith Valley Middle School to apply their knowledge and drone flight skills to navigate and program drone deliveries.
Grant Authors: Carol Miller and Valerie Fasy

-Black History Month Choral Concert Experience – Keith Valley Middle School & Hatboro Horsham High School
Keith Valley Middle School and Hatboro Horsham High School students will have the opportunity to work with Dr, Rollo Dilworth, Dean and Professor of Choral Music at Temple University. An original piece of music will be created to be performed at the 2021-2022 Black History Month Choral Concert.
Grant Author: Alison Lagan

​-Tower Garden – Crooked Billet Elementary
Second graders at Crooked Billet Elementary School will use and interact with a state-of-the-art aeroponic system that recycles water and plant nutrients to create a fully contained indoor garden.
Grant Author: John Schumann

-Dr. Erica Armstrong Dunbar and “Never Caught” – Keith Valley Middle School
“Never Caught”, a book by Dr. Erica Armstrong Dunbar, will be used to create a Community Book Club and will be incorporated into the 7th grade Early American History curriculum at Keith Valley Middle School. Dr. Armstrong Dunbar will present to all 7th graders and the Community Book Club.
Grant Authors: Sarah Carner, Meredith Kane-Sokol, Melissa Pierce, Lisa Quinn

-Aquaponics Education and Structures of Life – 3rd Grade Science – Hallowell Elementary
All third graders from Hallowell Elementary School will work with Riverbend Environmental Nature Preserve to maintain an entire aquatic ecosystem while growing agriculture (plants, spices, and small plant-based food).
Grant Authors: Kendrah Butler-Waters, Cheri Arnaiz

-Counting Collections Library – All Elementary Schools
All students in grades K-5 in the Hatboro-Horsham School District will have access to sets of diverse tangible materials (googly eyes, pom poms, buttons, etc.). These Counting Collections provide for opportunities of rich development of algebraic concepts and number sense. Counting is fundamental is mathematics and these collections will allow students to innovate, develop and reflect upon their own learning paths.
Grant Authors: Christine Jenkins, Jenifer Basmajian, Melissa Pierce, Christina Reinhard

2021 Classroom Grants

Classroom Grants typically offer teachers at every school $300 awards to support any instructional need in their classrooms. This year the grants committee increased the amount to $1,000 as a recognition of the challenges faced over the last year and a half, and a way to celebrate the teachers’ hard work.

-Printmaking – Blair Mill Elementary School
GEL Press Printing Plates allow students to safely explore printmaking in every grade.
Grant Author: Drew Rodebaugh

-Video Conferencing for Interactive Learning – Crooked Billet Elementary School
Video Conferencing will make real-life connections to the curriculum studied in the 5th grade and extend learning beyond a textbook, website, or classroom.
Grant Author: Tiffany Hood

-Sensory Path – building sensory pathways in the brain – Hallowell Elementary School
Sensory Paths gives students a chance to walk, jump, bounce, and move, developing motor skills including balance, hand-eye coordination, and special awareness.
Grant Author: Jenifer Basmajian

-Affirming, challenging, and engaging students through culturally inclusive and high interest texts – Simmons Elementary School
First grade students are learning to read independently and are developing a lasting love of reading. These classroom libraries allow students to choose books that reflect diversity of cultures, identities, and experiences of our community and world.
Grant Author: Jennifer Lloyd

-MO*MATH:  The National Museum of Mathematics Virtual Field Trip – Hatters Academy
The National Museum of Mathematics has exhibits and programs that allows the appeal and magic of math to be experienced on a virtual level, enhancing the idea that all students are capable of being mathematicians and that math is evident and applicable in real life.
Grant Author: Kathleen Salevsky

-Pump up your French skills with your peers and Pétanque!  –  Keith Valley Middle School
Students can play and compete in the French sport of Petanique after learning about, enhancing their language skills.
Grant Author: Virginia Catrambone

-Music Works – Hatboro-Horsham High School
Music Works is a music therapy company which allows special needs students to calmy experience music and instruction in following directions.
Grant Author: Alexis Schagrin

-Band Instrument Restoration – All Elementary Schools
The restoration of instruments allows 4th and 5th grade students to study and learn to play a musical instrument without financial burden.
Grant Authors: John Sedlacsik and Chris Kuczynski



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