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Link Crew Annual Bagel Bash 2021

November 19, 2021


On November 18, 2021, Link Crew hosted their annual Bagel Bash. Link Crew is a club of student leaders at Hatboro-Horsham that helps freshmen make the transition into high school. Link Crew holds multiple events throughout the school year to help the new students feel comfortable and welcome at HHHS. The Link Crew leaders meet their freshmen groups the first day of school, from then on, they keep in touch with them throughout the school year.

The Bagel Bash gives the Link Crew leaders the opportunity to meet with their 9th grade members and see how they are adjusting to the high school life. Link Crew and freshmen students gathered in the cafeteria and auditorium for the event. All the tables were decorated with themes and full of breakfast treats, juice and of course bagels. The students had the opportunity to socialize and snack while playing a game of trivia.

The event was a success and a great way to end off the freshman’s first semester at the high school. Freshmen and Link Crew leaders are eager for their next event and continue to build connections with each other by staying in touch.

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