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Archie the Therapy Dog visits Crooked Billet Elementary School

January 31st, 2022


On January 26th, Crooked Billet Elementary students were greeted by a furry friend named Archie and his handler Linda. Archie and Linda are a championship team from a nonprofit organization called “Angel on a Leash“. This organization provides volunteer therapy dogs to visit anyone that would benefit from the human-canine bond in enhancing human health and quality of life.

Students in Mrs.Traczykiewicz first grade class along with Mrs. Couch’s kindergarten class got to practice their reading skills while reading to Archie. Mrs. Traczykiewicz and Mrs. Couch spearheaded this project by researching how therapy dogs can help students with their reading skills. Currently Archie comes in twice a week, once for Mrs. Traczykiewicz class and another visit for Mrs. Couch’s class. The goal is to hopefully increase how many classes participate and maybe even bring in more dogs from the organization.

“It’s a nonjudgmental environment, the dog is very friendly and students just feel more relaxed.” Mrs. Traczykiewicz states.

Students picked out their own books based on their teachers recommendations and read aloud to Archie and Linda. Many of the books chosen just happen to be about dogs as well!


Crooked Billet

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