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Keith Valley Middle School Glad Dogs Nation Service Project

March 22nd, 2022


Keith Valley Middle School was looking for a partner for a fun hands-on service project with the seventh grade black team. The seventh grade black team students voted on what causes they wanted to help. When it came down to the wire, the students went with helping animals in need. The students and staff then picked Glad Dogs Nation which is a nonprofit committed to bringing happiness to all pets – whether they are lucky enough to live with loving families or are still in need of finding love and rescue.

Glad Dogs Nation is an organization that sells stitch kits for groups or schools to host a sewing event. Keith Valley raised the funds to purchase two stitch kits which was 50 stuff animals per kit. These stuff animals are unwanted kid stuffed toys. Glad Dogs Nation sanitized the stuffed animals using biodegradable detergent, removed the hard eyes, and put cute appliques in their place. They also replaced the hard noses with colorful pompoms or remove any beads inside the toy. After all of this work is completed by Glad Dogs Nation, the students can get to work at their sewing event.

Marianne Ahern, the president and founder of Glad Dogs Nation, came out to Keith Valley Middle School with the stitch kits of stuff animals to show the students how to add a squeaker and sew them up. The students sewed 163 stuff animals which will now be donated to shelters all across the country.

“We sell some toys on our website that are adorable and with the funds 100% of the profits are used to support all of these programs like what we did today.” Stated Ahern. Glad Dogs Nation donates all their profits to the Glad Dogs Foundation which funds initiatives to stem pet overpopulation, provide food and medical care for dogs, and support other innovative ideas. 

Keith Valley also held a stuff animal collection drive. This was a chance for students to clean out their unwanted toys and give them to a good cause. Marianne then takes the toys back to her warehouse and cleans and makes them pet safe and takes them to the next group. The students collected about 100 stuff animals for the cause!

This service project was just for the seventh grade black team, but Keith Valley administrators hope to open it up to the whole school next year. This event showed the students how they can fun while helping out these animals without even having to walk into a shelter.


Keith Valley

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