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Special Olympics returns to Hatboro-Horsham


June 8th, 2022

Hatboro-Horsham High School held its 5th annual Special Olympics on May 24th, 2022 for the lower Montgomery county area. After a two-year gap due to COVID-19, the Special Olympics is back in full swing at Hatboro-Horsham. Over nine schools participated in the day with about 200 athletes, 60 HHHS teacher volunteers, and about 400 HHHS student volunteers.

Coordinator of the event Kim Myers stated, “We were very sad for the past two years when we couldn’t hold it. This year our motto was… when we started planning in November if they don’t tell us no we are going for it.”

Clap-outs all around the district happened the morning of the event to cheer on all of the HH student athletes. Athletes can range from age 8 all the way up to 21. Students lined the school hallways with posters, and banners cheering on their fellow classmates.

The day could not go on without student and staff volunteers. Hatboro-Horsham High School students get the opportunity to become a buddy that will be paired with an athlete. A buddy is someone who will be there to just motivate, cheer on, and assist with the student’s events throughout the day. Other students also help run the day by running the concession stand, recording time, and handing out ribbons.

“It’s absolutely a team and group effort, it is my first year coordinating the event. Just want to thank our teacher leaders, all of the directors in the district, our superintendent, assistant superintendent, and our board members who really made this possible.”, Kim Myers stated.

When athletes are not participating in an event they can hang out in the “chill zone” with fun activities like bracelet making, coloring, and yard games. Other events include: 50-meter race, 200-meter race, wheelchair slalom, wheelchair 25-meter race, standing long jump, and tennis and softball throw.

After all the data is recorded from the day the Special Olympics team will pull the highest scores of those students to advance on.

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